Monday, September 7, 2009

oh wow. When was the last time I posted here OTL

School's starting in 3 days, but I'm actually pretty excited;; My summer's been really boring this year (well ofcourse compared to the past years :I ). |D so schoool I hope it's fun <3 and hopefully my band teacher will understand my schedule dilemma.. and I'd just like to say, that I wish Canada had Marching Band...

And since I don't have my tablet until Winter break, I... don't think I'll upload any pictures. Unless I finally get the stupid CDs from the basement to get my scanner plugged in and working again, I won't have sketches eitherr.
but once I do get my tablet back then, I want to work on animated drawings 8D even though they take so much time, I feel more proud with the end result than with my drawings OTL ahhh.

Goodluck to you guys who start school or have already started<3
c: and love you Hubby <3

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  1. Uwahh good luck with school Rinny!! <3<3
    ;u; too bad alberta started so early due to World skills OTL;;

    bawww no more pictures till then?? *^* I'll be waiting ;u;