Monday, September 7, 2009

oh wow. When was the last time I posted here OTL

School's starting in 3 days, but I'm actually pretty excited;; My summer's been really boring this year (well ofcourse compared to the past years :I ). |D so schoool I hope it's fun <3 and hopefully my band teacher will understand my schedule dilemma.. and I'd just like to say, that I wish Canada had Marching Band...

And since I don't have my tablet until Winter break, I... don't think I'll upload any pictures. Unless I finally get the stupid CDs from the basement to get my scanner plugged in and working again, I won't have sketches eitherr.
but once I do get my tablet back then, I want to work on animated drawings 8D even though they take so much time, I feel more proud with the end result than with my drawings OTL ahhh.

Goodluck to you guys who start school or have already started<3
c: and love you Hubby <3

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

11/ Blaagh;;

I just thought i'd write a journal.
D; cause i haven't . for. a bit;

and. well, i'm just really worried about a friend right now. I totally screwed it up with him I think 2 or 3 weeks ago. I just hope he's doing well right now and that he gets better soon OTL

on a happier note.. 6 more days until i'm 16?
i don't have anything planned, and with the homework load and exams coming up, i don't want a party at all;

Saturday, May 9, 2009

10/ it snowed D;

Ok so it snowed today. D: WTF I hope it doesn't snow on the 26 D;

Besides that, I'm off on a band trip to Toronto, through Chicago.
Time to do stupid things with friends <3

D; and my tablet is now stowed away somewhere since i feel like i'll smash it if i see it, so i'm gonna rest from drawing for now...
if i get really bored i'll mouse doodle on SAI or something. but those'll just look like a scribble or a blob.

And so with the terrible weather (though it's. sunny now. I hate weather here), I had to keep myself entertained at home and so i grabbed a bunch of crap and used it to try something out. (er. crap is gloss/liner/concealer/andmorecrap)
8'D CAN YOU GUESS WHO I WAS GOING FOR>? maybe not. cause i failed so f- bad.
and i had to edit and brighten it so much cause it looked like crap before. D;

I'll stop spamming you with pictures and stick with drawings. D':

just two more days and i'm freee.. OTL

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

o9/ Always one foot on the ground.

So I found out a few days ago the song I had been trying to find for like, a year. And so I'm listening to it non stop now (which is what I usually do with a new song on my ipod).

I have been up to like, nothing at all for the past few days/weeks D; And I've just been in a crummy mood.
But what I DID manage to do is make a Tegaki account..
is that the link? OTL i don't know. When I do try and draw actual commissions now, I just end up scribbling or giving up . I need like, summer vacation now plz.
or that Toronto band trip to be like, this week OTL two weeks away now..

on a happier note, 4 days ago was our 4 month-iversary C:

time to do some Bio.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

o8/ Oh... wellwethoughtitwascoolD<

So my friends and I were in the cafeteria for slot 3 today because the library was closed and the band room was closed because the senior jazz band was recording. I never really go to the cafeteria. I think, this was my second time this year. wow. /andit'shotandsmelly

Since I failed to get my friend to focus on math, I had to help her plan her Sweet 16 party. And so we started listing people to invite. * A* JEEZ by the time two other friends came and sat down with us, she had 50 people so far...
The theme is "Candyland" so I was thinking of some decorations, cause apparently she's trying to rent a space at a hotel for this party and have karaoke and a buffet. That's when my friend Miles was like, "... how much do you plan to spend on this thing?!" and Justin and I were like, "holy crap. yeah. wtf." ... . ... /HOLY POO MAN. D': I'd never dream of a party that big/expensive.

So we kept talking and giving her other ideas, and Miles was like, "What about like, a potluck dinner party at a house with a few friends 8'D that'd be funn." and Justin and I were like "Oh yeahh that would be 8'D Heyyy we should have one soon." which she was like, "WTF. no way. that's not big and fun at all D<" ; A; JEEZ TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR MILES, JUSTIN AND MYSELF, THAT'D BE PRETTY FUN AND A BIG THING FOR US OTL.... so throughout the period we were just kinda like speechless and amazed by her party plans D': jeez, and my birthday's two months before hers and I have no idea what I'm doing... and i'll doodle stuff on paint this weekend to put up here. I've got Sai, but.. paint sounds more fun right now. 9 more dayyysss. 9. not 12.<3>

Sunday, April 12, 2009

o7/ Happy Easterr

Errr. yeah.
OTL if anyone can help somehow get PhotoshopCS and Corel Painter IX, that would be great.
I tried torrenting (?) with help from a friend, but it didn't really work out.
D': i was pretty sure I had Painter from my tablet package, but all I can find right now is Painter essentials3...

well, atleast I get a break from commissions. eheh. I can doodle on oekaki or pchat. ahh... oh well.

. 3. have a great week everyone, and a great Easter<3
12 more dayss

Monday, April 6, 2009

o6 Back to School...

. _. I'm thinking... of giving up all my commissions. I'll keep art trades.. but yeah..
I just don't feel. motivated anymore, and I'm really tired of it all. ; A; JEEZ BUT THEN I FEEL BAD FOR NOT DOING THEM AND. I'll never finish them OTL...
And I don't know how long it's going to take to reset our computer and have it running properly again OTL hopefully soon. And I need to install and download all the programs back on again;

Spring break was a good break for me, though I didn't do much. I just kinda ... did nothing. D: ew, I didn't finish any commissions or practice anything really... I'm so productive OTL
:'D but my friends and I made movies on Friday and ate at a ba-- RESTAURANT
We also played "Left 4 Dead" . holy crap. I didn't scream as much as I did in Resident Evil, but still. D< if my friends had let me watch the intro of the game, I wouldn't have gone running to the voice of a crying/moaning little girl and died DD< JEEZ.

Now onto to math homework.
. 3. goodluck back at school <3

Saturday, March 28, 2009



And to start it off, I got 15 hours of sleep (righht after school) and got a cold.
NOT ONLY THAT, but a horrible dream as well 8'D yay...
It wasn't like a nightmare or anything. It was a normal, random dream. but still.
OTL out of all the ones I could have had, why was it that one.

:0 enjoy your spring break everyonee, and if you already had it last week, hope you enjoyed it<3
I'm off to a concert tonight.
and getting a hair cut soon.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

o4 / oh. hm.

If it's supposed to be 3 or 5.. I lost track so I'm sorry OTL
So I was wandering the halls at school today during my spare (cause.. I didn't want to do math OTL) when I finally found the announcements on the bulletin board :0! usually it's torn off by someone..
8DDD FORMAL MASQUERADE! for the next April dance. I've always thought it'd be sooo cool to go to a masquerade dance, even if you can tell who the people are;;

and since I'm allowed to go to atleast one dance this year..
I'm not going.
for obvious reasons. It'll probably be super fancy and stuff.. and well. I'd probably just stand .. at the side and watch everyone else dance with everyone, since I don't... really want to dance with anyone here... maybeyoudon'tgetitOTL
oh well. I can't really dance either :0

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

o3 / HBD 8D

Happpy Birthday Aidannn<3!

. 3. I'll post the picture here too.
It's supposed to be a platypus pj.

C: love you<3 HBD.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

.3 / ;0 meet my bored buddies.

I haven't drawn an actual sketch sketch picture, with effort and time, in a while... and sooooo.

8'D Meet my bored buddies. The little people that I draw in my dead sketch book when I'm bored. I don't have any backgrounds for them or any information, and I've only got a name for one of them... maybe you guys can name her..
And yes, when I'm bored, I draw the most random things.

so first, here's -noname-.

She kinda reminded me of Minji at first, but when I was done... not really close;; I think I had the most fun drawing the little design on her monster/thing arm.

Meet Phillip. 8D that's the name I've decided for him. This is only a WIP of him though;; cause I'm not done fully sketching/shading and crap. And I'm also sorry for my terrible horse leg/body drawing. I was trying to find some good references of horses in my room, but only found books with horses on the cover. ah.. oh well. Sorry Phillip.

And that's all for now. ; A; now I have to go and memorize muscles and some exercises for them;;

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

o2 / OTL

Calculus continues to kill me in math, as well as AP Bio. oh, I'm doomed.

and while I stay up working on the comic for the next school magazine, I doodled a small picture (ofaverysexyperson).

OTL I should be doing math...

Friday, February 27, 2009

01 / hellooo :0

Well I hope this doesn't end up like my live journal (completely dead and empty).
:0 Hello everyone, it's Rinny here (Rin Tau... ?)

I'll be posting random things that come to my head here, as well as some WIPS and doodles
that I don't upload anywhere and end up getting lost in my files...

to start off :0 here's one!

I've noticed that the art that I draw are only for commissions and stuff, so I thought it would be nice
to draw myself something for a change...