Saturday, May 9, 2009

10/ it snowed D;

Ok so it snowed today. D: WTF I hope it doesn't snow on the 26 D;

Besides that, I'm off on a band trip to Toronto, through Chicago.
Time to do stupid things with friends <3

D; and my tablet is now stowed away somewhere since i feel like i'll smash it if i see it, so i'm gonna rest from drawing for now...
if i get really bored i'll mouse doodle on SAI or something. but those'll just look like a scribble or a blob.

And so with the terrible weather (though it's. sunny now. I hate weather here), I had to keep myself entertained at home and so i grabbed a bunch of crap and used it to try something out. (er. crap is gloss/liner/concealer/andmorecrap)
8'D CAN YOU GUESS WHO I WAS GOING FOR>? maybe not. cause i failed so f- bad.
and i had to edit and brighten it so much cause it looked like crap before. D;

I'll stop spamming you with pictures and stick with drawings. D':

just two more days and i'm freee.. OTL

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