Tuesday, April 28, 2009

o9/ Always one foot on the ground.

So I found out a few days ago the song I had been trying to find for like, a year. And so I'm listening to it non stop now (which is what I usually do with a new song on my ipod).

I have been up to like, nothing at all for the past few days/weeks D; And I've just been in a crummy mood.
But what I DID manage to do is make a Tegaki account.. http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/uentries.php?u=64434
is that the link? OTL i don't know. When I do try and draw actual commissions now, I just end up scribbling or giving up . I need like, summer vacation now plz.
or that Toronto band trip to be like, this week OTL two weeks away now..

on a happier note, 4 days ago was our 4 month-iversary C:

time to do some Bio.