Monday, April 6, 2009

o6 Back to School...

. _. I'm thinking... of giving up all my commissions. I'll keep art trades.. but yeah..
I just don't feel. motivated anymore, and I'm really tired of it all. ; A; JEEZ BUT THEN I FEEL BAD FOR NOT DOING THEM AND. I'll never finish them OTL...
And I don't know how long it's going to take to reset our computer and have it running properly again OTL hopefully soon. And I need to install and download all the programs back on again;

Spring break was a good break for me, though I didn't do much. I just kinda ... did nothing. D: ew, I didn't finish any commissions or practice anything really... I'm so productive OTL
:'D but my friends and I made movies on Friday and ate at a ba-- RESTAURANT
We also played "Left 4 Dead" . holy crap. I didn't scream as much as I did in Resident Evil, but still. D< if my friends had let me watch the intro of the game, I wouldn't have gone running to the voice of a crying/moaning little girl and died DD< JEEZ.

Now onto to math homework.
. 3. goodluck back at school <3

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  1. you should play the silent hill series or the fatal frame series

    o v o b