Wednesday, April 15, 2009

o8/ Oh... wellwethoughtitwascoolD<

So my friends and I were in the cafeteria for slot 3 today because the library was closed and the band room was closed because the senior jazz band was recording. I never really go to the cafeteria. I think, this was my second time this year. wow. /andit'shotandsmelly

Since I failed to get my friend to focus on math, I had to help her plan her Sweet 16 party. And so we started listing people to invite. * A* JEEZ by the time two other friends came and sat down with us, she had 50 people so far...
The theme is "Candyland" so I was thinking of some decorations, cause apparently she's trying to rent a space at a hotel for this party and have karaoke and a buffet. That's when my friend Miles was like, "... how much do you plan to spend on this thing?!" and Justin and I were like, "holy crap. yeah. wtf." ... . ... /HOLY POO MAN. D': I'd never dream of a party that big/expensive.

So we kept talking and giving her other ideas, and Miles was like, "What about like, a potluck dinner party at a house with a few friends 8'D that'd be funn." and Justin and I were like "Oh yeahh that would be 8'D Heyyy we should have one soon." which she was like, "WTF. no way. that's not big and fun at all D<" ; A; JEEZ TO HAVE SOMETHING LIKE THAT FOR MILES, JUSTIN AND MYSELF, THAT'D BE PRETTY FUN AND A BIG THING FOR US OTL.... so throughout the period we were just kinda like speechless and amazed by her party plans D': jeez, and my birthday's two months before hers and I have no idea what I'm doing... and i'll doodle stuff on paint this weekend to put up here. I've got Sai, but.. paint sounds more fun right now. 9 more dayyysss. 9. not 12.<3>


  1. Oh shush you. @ the 12. <3

    0:! I wanted to have a big party for my 16th, but didn't end up happening. xD;! <3

  2. ...IS IT FOR LUCIA??
    lol I don't know any of your new friends at frc but it seems like lucia?? ; v ;